A look into the sweet family world of Chad Michael Murray with Sarah Roemer

“I think when I was younger, romance was an idea for me, but now I think romance is in the little things that you never thought were romantic before,” said the actor explained. “Let’s say I work 14 hours, and I come home and I’m exhausted and usually you just want to take your clothes off and go to bed, right? But let’s say my wife isn’t feeling well or I notice that she’s just exhausted from being with the kids all day. [I] “I clock in and say, ‘I can do this.’”

Hold on, reader, it gets better.

“I run over and do the dishes and clean up and put the kids to bed and say, ‘Go, go, go, go rest. I’ve got this. We’re good,'” he continued. “That’s romantic to me in a different way than it ever would have been when I was, say, 20.”

Uh, we’re not swooning, you are To swoon.

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